In this article, we will understand what Re-Buy is in poker, we will learn the basic rules for re-buying chips, more precisely, an additional stack; features of poker tournaments with Re-Buy and how to get a replay or a stack doubling.

Note that the bulk of poker tournaments are held in the classic, so to speak, version, that is, without the possibility of getting an additional stack. The player pays the buy-in set for the tournament and once receives a certain number of chips, which he will play with – to place bets . And if he loses his stack, he is eliminated from the game and leaves the table.

But there are also events where the player has a chance to redo the original stack. This is very common in the online poker format. Usually such tables in the poker room are marked next to the indicated buy-in value “+ R” – that is, “+ Re-Buy”.

Poker rebuy – what is it

We start with the interpretation of the definition itself. Rebuy – in English – Re-Buy, which translates as a repeat buy-in and means the purchase of another initial stack, as when entering the game. This action can be performed at a specially allotted time during the tournament, provided that the rebuy is provided for in this event.

Shawn Collier

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