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Engage Your Audience. Empower Your Business.

Facilitate quick and easy access to contextually relevant information on any device. Enable audience participation. Build a customer-centered community around your products.

Your readers need quick and easy access to information to help them achieve their goals. They want to participate using the social media channels they’ve come to expect. You need a mobile-friendly social knowledgebase framework that is available whenever, wherever, and however your customers want. SuiteShare brings it all together for you and your customers.

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Single solution to Access All Content

As a robust social knowledgebase solution, SuiteShare allows you to publish your content - documentation, how to articles, support and marketing material - and enable community collaboration via the web and via mobile devices. SuiteShare can be deployed externally to your customer and support community, or can be used internally as a way for anyone in your organization to create, access, review and collaborate on content.

SuiteShare supports a variety of document types:

  • Technical manuals
  • Data sheets
  • Marketing material
  • Articles, safety information

SuiteShare supports DITA as a native format, so there is no need to convert your DITA or other XML content to HTML before submitting to the knowledgebase. Simply upload a zip file containing your maps and topics, or integrate with you CMS.

Easy Accessibility to Knowledge

  • Free text search and filter by tags
  • Filter by content type
  • View articles and topics directly in the search results screen without having to open the complete manual
  • Add content to a collection - MyDocs - for easy access to favorites and to generate a PDF or ePub

Interactive Environment for Everyone in the Process

  • Add comments to tech manuals, articles, and anything else in the knowledgebase. This can provide an important feedback loop for internal and external constituencies, and an excellent vehicle for communication between technical documentation groups, and support and engineering groups.
  • Add new content such as how-to articles and videos
  • Keep notified about new content and comments via RSS feed

Collect Metrics

  • Which content is viewed and at what frequency
  • Most popular contributors by role:
    engineers, customers, support, marketing
  • Collect comments and create rules for action

Unified Solution for Desktop and Mobile

Cross-platform and cross-browser

  • Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Supports Windows, Unix, Mac


  • Pages automatically change to fit smaller screen sizes
  • Minimizes horizontal scrolling
  • Only provides functions relevant for mobile platforms
  • Create personal ePub packages for download to mobile

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