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The Suite Solutions Team is on your side to ensure that you and your customers succeed, with the solutions and services you deserve.

SuiteShare: Social Knowledgebase

Publish your content - documentation, support articles, training, videos - and enable community collaboration. Built ground-up to support mobile devices.
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SuiteHelp: Next generation of online help

The next generation of online help has arrived with SuiteHelp. This new cross-platform webhelp platform allows you to leverage the latest web technologies and standards to deliver your content reliably and safely.
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Using DITA with Microsoft® SharePoint®

Users of Microsoft SharePoint need not forego the advantages of DITA. x:Point for Microsoft SharePoint offers an affordable CMS solution that provides the power and flexibility to effectively manage, translate and publish topic-based DITA content.
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Get it Right the First Time with Structured Content

Suite Solutions is on your side. We have proven processes and track record of success making your migration to structured content and DITA happen smoothly and effectively, showing results quickly and ensuring ROI.
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DITA Training

The transition to structured authoring and DITA doesn't happen overnight, but a solid foundation based on best practices is crucial. Suite Solutions will train your team effectively, reduce your down time, dispel anxiety and build confidence.
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Publishing and Style Sheets

Fully automated publishing into multiple languages is a key to your successful DITA implementation. Suite Solutions gives you that "magic button" to deploy your content with ease in the formats that you and your customers need.
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DITA Open Toolkit Tutorials

Take advantage of Suite Solutions DITA training webinar series and succeed in generating your own publications using the DITA Open Toolkit. The webinars start at a beginner level and proceed to advanced topics, so you can choose the sessions that best match your needs.
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Upcoming Events

If You Can't Break 'Em, Join 'Em: A New Approach to Content Silos
Date: Monday, February 24, 2014, 2:00-3:00 PM EST
More and more, content strategists in organizations want to break the “information silos” that each content-producing team has created. But when they try, they need to combat technical difficulties, workflow disruption, and political stumbling-blocks. Each team is more comfortable using its own customized technology and workflow. Joe Gelb, President of Suite Solutions, will show you how to join the silos, not break them. Learn the fundamentals of creating a living knowledge foundation that communicates with existing systems, giving easy information access to both content creators and content consumers without wresting control from the owners. With this knowledge foundation you can provide a single point of entry for finding content, regardless of where in the organization this content has been created. Click to register.

Intelligent Content Conference: Breaking Down Barriers
Date: February 26-28, 2014, San Jose, CA
Joe Gelb from Suite Solutions will be presenting at the upcoming ICC Conference on the subject of "Using Taxonomy for Customer-Centric Dynamic Publishing"